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Andorra: how does the social security system work?

The area of health is one of the reasons that make Andorra an extraordinary country.

Its system works so well, that it has made experts choose Andorra as the best health care in the world – or as one of the best.

And what makes it so special?

That's what we're going to talk about now...

Sanidad En Andorra

What is a tax residence?

Among all the questions we receive daily, one of the most common is how to get tax residency in Andorra.

If you want to know the answer, stay in this post. We have prepared a small guide of how you can achieve this and which are the requirements that you have to meet to reside in Andorra.

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Exactly how do taxes work in Andorra?

Would you like to go with your company to Andorra but do not know how taxes work in the Principality?

Have you heard that taxation is much lower in Andorra than in your country and want to know more?

Throughout this article we want to tell you in depth how taxes work in Andorra so that all your doubts are cleared.

Let’s talk about it:


What are the procedures to create a Company in Andorra?

Andorra company creation procedures, Fiscal benefits

Have you considered moving to Andorra to create your company there?

During these last years it has been on everyone's lips, that migration to Andorra and you may be wondering why it causes such a stir and what advantages does the fact of taxing in the principality have.

E Commerce

Why move or open a business in Andorra?

Andorra, Company creation

Are you thinking of setting up a company in Andorra? Do you have a company in Spain and would you like to know how you can transfer it to the neighboring country?

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