Live in Europe and the US

If you are interested in doing business outside of Andorra, we have offices in the following countries:

Live in Europe and the US
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • England
  • USA


Among the advantages of investing in the US, its qualified workforce, high competitiveness, high level of production stand out, it is considered the country with the strongest economic strength today and a great system of protection for foreign investors.

  • It is advisable to create the Corporation (Corp. Or inc.) It would correspond to an S.A.
  • Does not require residence in the country
  • It is possible to create with a single partner
  • There is no minimum share capital
  • Privacy, members and managers are not listed in the state
  • There are no state, personal, corporate or capital gains taxes, the laws being more favorable to foreigners
  • There may be tax changes depending on the state where the Corporation is incorporated


Barcelona is a city with facilities to create a company since it does not require residence in the country or tax representative

  • 100% of the company can be yours without the need for a tax representative
  • Minimum capital contribution of €3,000 and open a current account in the name of the company
  • The most advisable thing is to make a Limited Liability Company (SL) since your risks are more controlled and your investments protected.
  • The SL can have the corporate purpose and the activity that you want


Switzerland is one of the most attractive countries in the world to live, work and run a business


Anonymous society (SL)

  • For medium and large companies
  • Minimum Share Capital of 1,000,000 Swiss Francs (€72,700) and open a current account in a Swiss bank
  • The majority of administrators must be residents of Switzerland
  • Privacy and anonymity of members

Limited Liability Company (SARL)

  • For small and medium businesses
  • Minimum share capital of 20,000 Swiss francs (€14,540)
  • One of the administrators must be a resident of Switzerland