Advantages of living in Andorra

Liberalization of the economy

In recent years, the country has gone through a process of opening and liberalizing the economy. Currently, foreign investments are welcomed as well as the creation of companies and residence obtaining in Andorra.

Advantages of living in Andorra

What can convince you to relocate your family and your business?

  • Excellent healthcare system
  • One of the best healthcare in the world quality ranking
  • Maximum efficiency in the health system, thanks to low population and high per capita income
  • Public hospital
  • Free choice of medical staff
  • Subsidy in dental treatments

Multilingual educational system

  • There are 3 educational systems: Andorran / Catalan / French
  • The British College of Andorra was recently installed
  • Free public educational system
  • Compulsory education from 6 to 16

  Legal and tax framework

  • Andorra is one of the safest countries in the world 
  • Andorra grants rights and protection to foreigners who became residents of Andorra, protected by constitution.
  • Very low tax rates
  • There is no inheritance tax or succession tax