What makes Andorra an attractive destination for Spanish businesses?

Andorra Psf

This country offers a series of tax incentives and advantages, as we anticipated at the beginning.

However, beyond these possibilities that we all know or that are familiar to us, there are more reasons why a company would consider moving to Andorra and not to any other country.

An example could be its favorable geographic location with a stable policy environment.

If what we are looking for is to reduce the tax burden of a company there are other interesting alternatives, but none that combines these opportunities with these two key points that Andorra does present.

However, it is a decision that must be taken with caution.

Therefore, we are now going to examine what we should seek to understand if we make a wise decision.

Advantages of Spanish companies based in Andorra.

Low Corporate Tax.

The tax rate in Andorra is only 10%, making it one of the lowest in Europe.

Reducing the tax burden can increase the competitiveness of Spanish companies in the global market.

So it makes sense to ask, at a minimum, if it makes economic and strategic sense to move the head office to this country.


Fixed Value Added Tax.

Another fact that many are unaware of is how Andorra treats VAT, in this case (IGI).

It proposes a fixed 4.5% for all national purchases, which significantly reduces company spending and the tax burden they must face at the end of each quarter.

Foreign investment policies.

Aware that more and more entities are moving to their State, the Government of Andorra has launched a series of policies and measures to promote foreign investment.

In the country they are aware that the future development of the State depends on companies from outside continuing to arrive and that they continue to invest in them, so it is putting all the facilities that, perhaps, you do not have in Spain right now.

Quality of life and economic stability: yet another reason to look at change.

In addition to the advantages for businesses, Andorra offers a variety of attractions that make it an attractive destination.

The country has beautiful mountainous landscapes and a wide range of activities, from skiing to hiking, which make it a popular tourist destination, very enjoyable by people who move there.

Andorra's tourism industry has also contributed greatly to the country's economic success.

The tourism sector generates around 40% of the country's GDP, providing jobs and economic stability.

This economic stability has allowed the country to maintain its low tax rates, making it an even more attractive destination for Spanish companies.


Although the real question is, how long will you continue to think about making the jump without informing yourself first?

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