Active residence

It can be requested by those who want to reside in Andorra carrying out an economic activity

Active residence
We will help you with all procedure

We will guide you in all

  • We handle absolutely all bureaucratic procedures
  • We put you in contact with the best real estate agencies to find your home
  • We work with the best brokerages for the insurance you may need
  • We advise you to choose the most appropriate bank for your situation
  • We will help you as much as possible for your integration in the country

Here is a list of the necessary requirements to mobilize your active residence

  • Have more than 20% of the company and become an administrator 
  • Have no criminal record
  • Your tax address must be Andorra
  • Stay a minimum of 183 days in the Principality
  • Make a contribution to the Andorran Social Security, CASS
  • Make a deposit of € 15,000 to the Financial Regulating Authority, AFA, (deposit will be returned once you stop residing in the country)