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Fiscal differences between Spain and Andorra: what do business people have to know?

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to optimize their income and reduce their costs.  

If you are part of this group and the tax residence of your company is in Spain, you will know that much of this expense is directed to taxes. 

And although you have always been clear that it is fair that those who earn more pay more, now you are considering what opportunities you could have if you had a more favorable tax regime. 

That is the same question that thousands of entrepreneurs ask themselves every year when they consider taking the step and moving their business to Andorra. 

Well, taxation in the neighboring country has some interesting differences and, in this post, we explain them step by step.

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Stability of Andorran banking: why is this such an interesting opportunity?

If you're looking for a safe country with a stable economy to settle in, it's no wonder that one of the first places you think of is Andorra. 

And it is no secret that one of the most outstanding elements of the Principality is its banking system. 

That is why, throughout this article you will discover why that security of banking is so necessary when thinking about establishing yourself here.

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What makes Andorra an attractive destination for Spanish businesses?

Andorra is an independent state that has always accumulated a lot of attention for the interesting tax incentives and advantages it offers to companies.

If you are the owner of a company or the person who makes the fiscal or financial decisions in the one in which you work, it is likely that moving it from Spain to Andorra can be interesting.

In this article, we expand all the information so that you can take a conscious and reasoned decision.

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Non-resident income tax in Andorra

Are you familiar with the non-resident income tax in Andorra?

Although some media are selling it as a new tax, in reality it is not. This is the IRNR that has been with us for a long time.

It's only now that we've had a number of changes, many of which we're not aware of.

This is an advance and we will then investigate further: income earned in our country by a non-resident is required to pay.

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Fitch Ratings enhances the rating of Andorra and gives it an A.

Fitch Rating, the economic rating agency, has raised Andorra's rating to an A-, making it the sovereign nation with the best rating in the world.

This is an announcement that has come as a result of significant advances in fiscal and financial management, along with efforts to improve the tourism sector.

If you add to the good tax conditions of all time, the interest of the general public, the evaluation has improved in a tangible way.

But what implications does this have and why should you pay attention to it? In this article we develop the keys to understanding the impact and making decisions.

Fitch Ratings Mejora La Evaluacion De Andorra

Is Andorra a tax haven? Truths and lies

Andorra has long been known as a tax haven where wealthy individuals and businesses have sought to save on taxes.

And although it is not a tax haven, because it does not have that consideration or meet the requirements that we will tell you later, it does have special conditions that attract this type of public.

But what is preventing the country from getting into that consideration and why are so many people still considering it as such?

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