We explain the concept of Multifamily Office

Concepte Multifamily Office

The importance of family management

The name of this particular service that we present already gives you some clues. On the one hand, it is limited to the family environment as a unit, and on the other to the professional side.

It also refers to the varied contributions of this assistance. It is, therefore, an aid that has a global meaning, since it is deployed on various fronts, in this case, at the family level.

Therefore, the first thing you should keep in mind is that you need a multidisciplinary office in which professionals with qualifications in different fields collaborate, through their teamwork. We refer, basically, to specialists in law, business administration and management or economic sciences. Within these disciplines, it is very important that they have expertise in branches such as legal compliance or tax law.

Broadly speaking, the objective of a Multifamily Office assignment is to protect the nuclear family. There are many implications that derive from the patrimony of a family, so it is necessary to approach it, first of all, with a protective sense. This means, for example, into a knowledge of tax law that allows optimizing tax payments for the different properties that are owned.

We help you live in Andorra in the wellness.

Finally, within this service, you can get to include an interesting assistance to live in Andorra or any other city optimizing decisions such as those related to choosing an area to settle, housing, social activities or schools for children.

In the case of the professional side, the assistance will be everything related to the company; Tax, notarial and legal procedures, accounting and tax management, administrative management and human resources in the event that native personnel are required to work.

In brief, the Multifamily Office is a service that helps the family nucleus in the personal and professional field when it is decided to leave the country of residence.

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