Investment in the Metaverse

Metaverso Psf

Currently, these proportions do not exist in any other sector (and they are unlikely to exist again).

Therefore, we can affirm the following.

As a result of the Metaverse and Web3 (the technology on which it is built), the personal and professional world will be transformed.

What perspective would you like to take? Who is looking at the change from the inside? Or who is looking from the outside?

Metaverse and Web3: new career opportunities

Let's start at the beginning: what is all this Metaverse and Web3?

Because we understand that when someone thinks of this, the first thing that comes to mind is that Ready Player One movie, where players practically lived in a parallel dimension.

But, although in that story it seemed something from another world, in reality it is something different.

At least where we are now. That later, you know that this world advances terribly fast.

Web3 is a set of open source technologies, which are based on the idea of decentralization.

Stay with this concept, which will later be important to understand the impact that all this new technology has on the world.

But to bring it down to earth, we can say that Web3 are the bricks that build the new era of the internet.

A new way of understanding connection, content creation and personal and economic interactions.


The evolution of the internet: basic to understanding everything else

The Internet was born many decades ago; with what we now know as Web1.

At that time, the only possibility we had was to read content.

For users, everything was passive, while there were companies that controlled everything that happened.

-      Those who stored the information.

-       Those who directed the information.

With the advent of Web2, social media changed everything. They allowed us to become active subjects, who could consume and create content.

In fact, social networks themselves became instruments to validate our identity.

And now with Web3 has come the concept of digital property.

As in Web3 the content you generate is yours, the value you generate too. Which means that there will be no intermediary companies taking very high commissions for your work.

  • App Store receives 30% for each sale of an app.
  • YouTube takes 45% of advertising revenue from content generated by others.
  • Facebook absorbs every penny of what your content is now generating.

And now I want you to put yourself on the opposite side and understand how a Web3 application like OpenSea (which is the Amazon of NFTs) works.

  •     Their commission is only 2.5%.

That is, while until now most creators saw how some platforms swept away their benefits, today the possibility has been opened that each creator, really, takes the payment they deserve for their talent and work.


Is web3 only for artists and creators?

Of course not.

This is just the first clue of how this technology will impact 4 different career areas:

1 –A new form of wealth management (with digital assets). All sectors that are dedicated to the management of investment, wealth or business administration, together with legal, administrative or tax advisors.

2- A new way of selling will emerge. Ads will no longer make sense and will be incentive-based. And if we talk about sales, practically any sector will be transformed thanks to these new tools.

3-A new education. Communication will revolutionize our way to learn, educate and interact with others. From general education to independent professional services such as doctors, psychologists, doctors or all kinds of counselors.

But as I said before, this is just the beginning. The first of the bricks that will come to change the way we work, connect and, in general, live our personal and professional lives.

They have already been launched: some key examples

When someone comes along and tells you something like that, you may come to think it's just a Chinese tale.

That's why I want to show you two examples of brands that are already using the opportunities of the Metaverse and Web3.

1-NFT collections that have already launched brands such as Gucci or Nike to create communities with particular benefits.

2-Sothebys. A company that offers a unique opportunity to start a personal project or company to buy assets in the hands of very few.

But as I was saying, these are just two examples. The important thing is about to arrive, which means that you are in time to join this revolution, occupying a position of relevance.


Your Role in the Metaverse Revolution: Will You Be Part of the Group That Achieves Results?

This is the question you should ask yourself.

Over the last decades there have been many key moments and this will once again be one of them. 

Moments in which you had the opportunity to be part of something that really made a difference in the medium and long term. 

Opportunities that, probably, until now you have missed. What is your decision going to be now?