Is it possible to create a company in Andorra and continue living in Spain?

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As you can imagine, the answer is yes. Just like you can create a company and live in virtually any country in the world.

However, the fact of residing or not in Andorra does condition the tax treatment you receive as a natural person, not as a company.

While the company will benefit from the Andorran tax regime and will be taxed in this country with its Corporation Tax, you as people will pay personal income tax in Spain.

The Andorran company will follow Andorran rules. The person residing in Spain, will be taxed in Spain.


Is it possible to contract Spanish services and suppliers with an Andorran company?

Yes, of course.

Just as it is possible to import products from Spain, you can hire Spanish services and suppliers.

There is no limitation.

When it comes to products, you can face customs depending on the country of purchase.

That is, as in the case of any other country in the world.


Is it possible to invoice and sell services to Spanish customers from Andorra?

It is possible to invoice and sell services to Spanish customers from Andorra, but if the sale occurs in Spain this will be subject to Spanish indirect tax legislation.

Although all these activities are equivalent in other countries of the European Union, professional advice by a team of specialists in Andorra is vital.


That's why we encourage you to contact us. It will be a real pleasure to answer all the questions you have.