Consulting services

OWe offer comprehensive consulting services. This means that we provide consulting at the strategy, accounting and residency level. In this way we can provide a total security in terms of residence procedures, change of the company, performance, accounting and other related issues.


escudo de andorra   Live in Andorra

Save in taxes legally and live in a European country 

We are accustomed to bring foreign residents to Andorra for their privacy, European values and great fiscal system.


From a public person that wants to escape from the fame, to a little sole trader that wants more profit or an extracomunitarian citizen willing to enter the continent, we have solutions for you.


LOGO   Strategic consulting

Improve the performance of your company with us 

There no such thing as bad moment for giving your company a new stance, give it a better managing plan or improving your abilities.


From PSF we have alliances with the best European counselors, who will provide you with great tools for creating a strategic plan way beyond the ones of your competence.



Marketing and communication services

We have a marketing and communication department. In this way, we have the ability to offer services for the creation of marketing strategies, SEO positioning, SEM campaigns, design in both digital and paper, advertising and other related aspects.

GDD Logo Icon   Web design

The best technologies and the best managing systems 

Our webs are tools for your business with a revenue much greater that the average.


Our methodology aligns your objectives and our, creating a during relationship with less risk for you that will let you get the most of your investment. Get your web to be an asset working for you.


Inbound 12 Logo resized 6001   Inbound Marketing

Get ready for boost your marketing to levels that you though were impossible 

Online marketing is a new discipline that offers great strength to the ones that use it. We bring from USA the best tools for that task.


ABring clients to your web in a transparent way for you but with a great potential and growing.




What makes us differentOur values define what we are and how we work

Market orientation

The customer is the center of the organization and from him derives the rest. Everything is organized with the client in mind, tailoring our services to it.

We made value

We don't have large offices on upper floors or oak tables. Our capital is all to provide direct value to our clients.

Focused in objectives

The team is oriented goals and achieving them. This have a positive impact on the service received by the customer.


Creativity is one of our basic pillars of action because it helps us to improve our daily work in the benefit of our clients.

Plain structure

Our non-hierarchical structure is in an organizational skill that favors team proactivity and responsibility assuming.

Technological compromise

A basic tool in our daily work is the use of technologies, so we bet heavily on them and in their constant updating.

Collaboration arrangements

We have agreements of collaboration and contact with companies and Andorran institutions which allows us to expedite any proceeding.

Selection process

We don't value curriculums, instead we value persons. We seek proactive people, goal oriented and with passion for the client.

A world of possibilitiesAt your fingertips thanks to PSF


Invest in Andorra

We help you to create your business, guiding you through all the process

e-Business solutions

We design web pages, take care of online marketing, SEO and social media aspects

Accounting services

We manage your accounting, taxes, payrolls... for your commodity. Worry no more that of growing your business