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Why do self-employed residents of Andorra have such a low dropout rate in the country?

One of the peculiarities of Andorra is its high level of quality of life. There are many people who are initially interested in the country due to their low taxes. Then, later, they discover that to reside in Andorra is to enjoy a great level of life.


Andorra is not the only place that offers low tax rates. There are other sites, such as Liechtenstein, Luxembourg or Malta that also have low charges. However, when it comes to living in a place, the payment of taxes is not everything. If not, territories with high tax rates have long been deserted. There are other factors such as rooting, customs, communications or quality of life that weigh in the balance.


This way, someone can decide to change their residence to another place to save taxes, but discover that they do not want to live there. Maybe this person does not feel comfortable, maybe the place is too small, maybe he has to travel too much to see his family. There are many reasons.


In this facet, Andorra has several very important advantages: it has sun, it has good communications, it has good services and it has Barcelona and Toulouse a stone's throw away. The country is far from being a gray place lost in the mountains. It snows, and a lot, but in the high areas, where the ski slopes are. In the rest, the Sun looks strong. For a resident, not seeing the cloudy sky every day and bad weather can be very important.


In addition, the principality borders on Spain and France. In a few kilometers you cross the border and you are in one of those two countries. The advantages are obvious. It is not a secluded island, but you can reach two international airports in a very short time: Toulouse Blagnac and El Prat de Barcelona.


Of the level of quality of life and of services we have spoken other times in this blog. In short, Andorra does not happen like other places where people are disenchanted. On the contrary, it is normal for someone to come for taxes and stay for the quality of life.



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