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How to study at the University of Andorra? Certificates, registration and residence of studies

Although many Andorran residents decide to take their university studies in Barcelona or Toulouse, there is the possibility of studying them in the country. The University is located in Sant Julià de Lòria. It has different studies, related to computer science and telecommunications, marketing and economics, nursing and education.


How is the registration process without being Andorran?

First, before being able to register, it is necessary for Andorra to recognize the titles that give access. Those who come from the Spanish and French systems will not have any problems, as well as those from countries that are part of the European Higher Education Area. Simply, it is necessary to legalize it through Apostille of The Hague or consular legalization. The procedure is simple, especially if done via apostille.


Once you have this, you must apply for the certificate of access to higher education to the Government of Andorra, which is in the parish (the city hall) of Andorra la Vella. For this document, we must provide the photocopy of the ID or passport and the legalized title that we explained in the previous paragraph (this procedure is also followed for the specific tests and courses of access). If the titles that we have are not written in Catalan, Spanish or French, we have to add a translation of them.


Once you have the certificate of access in the hand, it is enough to do the matrícula in term.


Secondly, if you do not already have it for another reason, you have to apply for a residence permit. The procedure for a study residence is similar to when applying for other types of active residences. The difference is basically that they ask you for tuition and access certificates, a health insurance, demonstration that you have the financial means to stay in Andorra while the studies last and little over.


It is important to remember that there must be a pre-registration in the University prior to enrollment, so we must be aware of the deadlines for both enrollment and pre-registration.


What welcome will I have at the University of Andorra?

It will be good. For a start, they will give us a free Catalan course to learn the country language. They have a reception service that will also help us find accommodation and explain to us a little how everything works in the country.


In addition, the University of Andorra has an adaptation aid service called "Buddy Programme". If you decide to opt for it, you will have a local student who will guide you during the first weeks. It will explain all the doubts regarding the day to day in Andorra as well as the academic questions that may arise.


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