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A general vision about the bank sector in Andorra

Andorra is known among other things for its lofty financial sector, which represents 20% of GDP and is rigorous, competitive and modern. Its liquidity is one of the best in Europe and their credit ratings are very positive.

Even with the end of bank secrecy, Andorran banks remain a successful entities that have been able to adapt to all the changes that have developed in the sector over the past decades. They have modern online platforms and their operations are fully adapted to the current needs of its customers.

Andorra are competing a total of 5 banks with like 170 billion euros in assets. Office hours to the public range from 9:00 to 17:00, with many offices performing an without a stop. All kinds of services are offered, from the simplest oriented commercial banks to more complicated financial services of business nature.

Banks are strictly regulated with the most stringent international guidelines, which has led to a negligible level of banking crises when compared with its neighbors. Several Andorran banks have not entered into crisis ever in the 80 years of banking history.

Investment tools provided to the Andorran banking customers are far superior to those provided by commercial banks in neighboring countries, because in the country it has a long tradition in private banking and investment. This allows customers to access a wider range of assets and superior conditions.

Andorran banks are not isolated entities, but have a very broad international presence in countries like the United States, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Spain, Israel, Luxembourg etc ... This brings extensive knowledge of the various places and highly competitive compared to other banks.


Therefore, banks in the country are interconnected and modern, far from the image of obscurantism which from many latitudes try to associate with Andorra. For an Andorran resident, banks are not a waste of time or a problem.



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I have done consulting for various clients in both strategic and fiscal matters. I tend to offer integral solutions and now I take care of the administration of PSF. When there is an issue that requires knowledge of markets or investment, I also assume that competition.
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