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How to make a Tax Free on Amazon from Andorra

Everyone knows the Amazon website. One of the best websites where to find a great catalog of products, good prices and excellent delivery times. It is not uncommon to receive an order the day after you have bought it. Excellent!

The problem we have the citizens of Andorra is that the products sold in this great store are not sent to our country ... have I written a problem? Well, no! There is no problem, in fact, we have a great advantage. Read this article, it will like you.

To do this click here: Manage My Addresses

How to make a Tax Free on Amazon from Andorra

Once configured, our orders will arrive at Seu d'Urgell and we can pick them up whenever we want.

Since Andorra is outside the EEC its citizens do not have an obligation to pay VAT on purchases made in member countries, so now comes the best of everything. Amazon returns the VAT of our orders without having to pay any commission to any management company of TAX FREE. How do we do it?

Before placing an order we have to look at the billing data in our Amazon profile and make sure that our ID number and / or passport number appear.

To do this click here and add a new billing address following the example: Payment Method Management

IMAGENHow to make a Tax Free on Amazon from Andorra

Now make your request and pay it in the way that suits you best. In the moment that you receive a notice from Amazon saying that your order is sent you can access to the "my orders" section of your Amazon profile and download the bill from it and print it.

Perfect! We already have it almost. :)

Now choose the day you like to go down to the Seu d'Urgell to pick up your order and, back to Andorra in the Spanish customs, go to the Tax Free section and show the Civil Guard the products, the bill and your passport (maybe ask you for your Andorran ID). They will tell you that everything is perfect and you will be given the stamp of Treasury as the operation should not tax VAT.

Well, that's all, now take a photo of your passport where your data appear and the first page with the Consular Register data and another photo to the Amazon bill with the stamp placed and send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Requesting the refund of VAT on the bill. In a couple of days you will receive the refund of 100% of the VAT to the credit card with which you have paid the order.

Important points to keep in mind:

To be able to access the VAT refund right, the bill must be more than 90 €.

Obviously you need to have your Andorra residence permit in order, as well as your passport.

I recommend that the products purchased appear as "Sold and shipped by Amazon" as there are sellers who may be in other countries or may have a different billing policy so we can not ensure that everything works well.

If you do not feel like going down to Seu D'Ugell you can contact NAGrup. They offer a collection point just a few meters from the Customs but you will have to pay € 3 supplement.

If for some reason Amazon divided a single order into several bills you can contact them and, very kindly, correct the problem by issuing a new one.


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