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Online Marketing for Business: Identity, image and social networks

Before making any kind of communication, before even turning on the computer, first of all, it is important to distinguish between two concepts and never to confuse them: identity and image.

Identity is how we perceive ourselves. Image is how others perceive us. The important thing is to understand that we can never control how the image is formed, because it depends on the receiver, it is the conclusion that he makes about us. This does not mean that we can not do anything, we just have to keep it in mind. Why? To avoid a very common mistake: to think that we can change the image to our will. It is very common the case of companies with bad image that try to fix it with a new logo. If that did not work before, imagine in an online marketing environment.

Therefore, the image is the result of the examination that they make from their perceptions of us. And how to get the image to match the identity? Being consistent. As simple and complex as that. We could divide the identity into three big blocks: visual identity, corporate culture and corporate behavior. That is, what you say to be, thinking and doing, said Villafañe. If we move it to a person it is very easy to visualize: how he dresses, how he says he thinks and what he really does. If all three are consistent, identity and image will be very similar. If not, the image will be different to the identity that our business pretends to have.

Explained the above, now let's go to online marketing for business. Many times you have read that it is not enough beginning to write and that's enough, and that you need to make a plan. However, when talking about planning always presupposes what I just said, and the fact is that rarely is there. Well by ignorance, or because the dynamics of day to day make us forget. Before embarking on next steps, it is important to be clear on this basis.

At the time of planning in an online platform it is very important to have clear the identity of the company as a goal towards which all efforts are directed. It is no good to say that something is done if it is not so, or vice versa. In the same way, you have to have an established tone and keep it. We can not let ourselves be carried away by the moment and change the tone or the message and disconnect it from what is done. Communication has always depended on the whole. In an online environment, where comunication is very horizontal, any inconsistency in identity is perceived much more quickly.


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