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How to get a solid online presence for your company

As we have already mentioned in our blog, today having an online presence is fundamental for a company, not only to become visible, but also to look for business opportunities that allow us to grow. Having said that, it is essential to plan how we are going to do it and to have a very clear strategy because there are many tactics that we can use and ideally, all of them should converge in the achievement of our objectives. Here are three actions that can help you to be present on the Internet in a solid way:

1. Create your website

It is something essential today. Make your page attractive (with quality images), easy to use and suitable for all types of devices (mobile, tablets ...). Show your product clearly and what is more important, what needs can be covered. If you can, add testimonials or information about clients to whom you offer your services, this always generates confidence. It is important to include calls to action or other actions that allow you to generate leads and conversions. And finally, if your time or your budget allows you, create a blog in which to share content of value with your customers and potential clients. This will help you when positioning your company at the SEO level and will be an important source of content if you are present in social networks.

2. Plan your presence in social networks

Networks can help you in many ways: bring traffic to your website, make your brand known ... etc. Plan well according to your business type, your target and the goals you want to achieve, in which networks you will be present. We advise you not to open profiles in all networks, no matter what, not all networks are suitable for all businesses. It is preferable to be present in a few, especially at the beginning, than to have open profiles and of which nobody is occupied.

3. Carry out online advertising campaigns

 Although from PSF, our recommendation to position yourself well on the Internet is that you have a good SEO strategy, an advertising campaign is always a good complement. Currently both the social networks themselves and google, have their own ad platforms with which you can make known with a reasonable budget.





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