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What is the CPT in an online advertising campaign?

When it comes to creating our marketing campaign, if we decide to carry out an online advertising campaign, we are likely to have some doubts about the method we should choose to advertise to. How do we pay for our ad? There are several forms of remuneration being the most basic and known Cost per thousand impressions CPT, Cost per Click CPC and Cost per Action or CPA. In today's post we will explain what the CPT is and what we should take into account when choosing this type of payment method.


When we choose CPM or cost per thousand impressions, we are paying for the times the ad is shown, regardless of whether it receives clicks or generates sales. It is a fairly widespread model that is used in the most common platforms (Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads). In this type of model is important the position of the ad, its dimensions and when and where it will appear, since the cost may depend on it. We can contract packages of impressions for certain periods of time or we can set a budget per day that will limit the number of impressions.


This type of model has little risk for the ad platform while the advertiser is more complicated in terms of profitability since being seen does not guarantee you have clicks or contacts, while the support will receive payment. When can this type of model be interesting? In cases of branding (increase brand awareness or improve its image ...) since the interesting thing is to show the advertisement on many occasions and the largest number of people possible. How much can we pay? It will depend on the quality of the site but it can be usual between 4 and 10 euros per thousand impressions.

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