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Some tips for creating a successful landing page

Some time ago we talked about landing pages as an essential web design that helps turn traffic on your page into a business opportunity. Through them we can collect the data of potential customers who have been interested in some content of value (ebook, course etc) that we have put at their disposal on our page. To be successful in capturing information, in addition to what we offer the customer is something really interesting, the landing page must be well designed. Here are some tips on how to successfully create a landing page. 


  • Be transparent about your offer and explain it in an attractive way: Through the content of your landing page the customer must perceive the benefits of what you are offering. Include a title that clearly identifies the purpose for which it was created and uses the contrast of colors to differentiate well the different elements.
  • Use visual elements: The images or videos, representative of the offer, are a powerful element of attraction that facilitates the conversion.
  • Include a Call To Action (CTA) in the most visible and prominent place. A type of phrase like "download now"  that will be the final step in the process of capturing information.
  • Remove all the links and sections of the navigation that are not the CTA (Call To Action) as they can distract the user from what you want them to focus on.
  • Make sure the form is simple to complete and not excessively long and cumbersome because this could throw back the potential customer. Try to place it in the part of the screen that we see when entering the page without the user having to scroll down to fill it.
  • Use recommendations or reviews. It is becoming more common for users to consider other people's opinions when purchasing a product. If we include this information on our landing page they will not have to go outside to find it.
Finally, to finish with our post on how to create a successful landing page, we recommend that you test as much as you can. Perform different tests by modifying the structure, colors, position of the CTA, etc. to see which of the options is most effective.


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