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Living in Andorra: The different educational systems

One of the aspects to consider when moving to another country with the family is education. Finding a good school that suits our needs and values is something that we are especially concerned about those we have children.


If you are thinking of coming to live in Andorra, as we have already mentioned on some occasion in our blog, you will find a very particular and unique situation. In the principality three different and free educational systems coexist harmoniously and you can choose freely between any of them: the Andorran educative system, the French educational system and the Spanish educational system. In addition, also private centers (payment) such as the International College of the Pyrenees in La Massana have its place in the country.


Regardless of the system we choose, schooling is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 16, although school supply begins at age 3. According to the system, the division between levels or grades of each educational stage is different. Here is a brief description of each of these systems:


Andorran System: The public centers of this educational system (with the exception of those destined to higher education) are generically called "Andorran School" and are composed of 11 schools distributed among the different parishes, where the level of maternal, first and second education are taught, and a center in Andorra la Vella, where Bachillerato is taught.


French system: In Andorra there are 9 French schools, as in the case of Andorran school, distributed throughout the principality. In them the elementary and maternal level is imparted while in the Liceu Comte de Foix secondary education is imparted and the offer of professional studies.


Spanish System: There are 5 centers distributed in different populations. In addition to the Maria Moliner School, which teaches children from primary to high school, there are the so-called confessional schools (Col.legi Sant Ermengol, Institut Janer, Escola Sagrada Família) and the private school Colegio Internacional del Pirineo.


In short, if you are thinking of coming to live in Andorra, you will find that the educational offer is not only very broad, but is almost completely free (except for the Pyrenees school). Also depending on the system chosen your children will learn fluently at least two languages which is fundamental today.
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