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Living in Andorra: Encamp parish

Today's post is the third of a series of 7, in which we want to talk about each of the parishes of the principality so that you know them better. If you are thinking about living in Encamp we will summarize the key points.


Encamp is part of the so-called high parishes along with Ordino, Canillo and La Massana. It is divided into two villages separated by 25 km, Pas de la Casa and Encamp. The latter is made up of four ancient nuclei: Vila, les Bons, Mosquera and Tremat. 


  • LOCATION: It is located in the heart of Andorra and as most parishes of the principality has a great natural attractive, which makes this parish a major snow tourist destination in winter, while in summer is a point of interest for activities such as "vias ferratas¨, fishing, climbing or trekking. From the Valley of Cortals there are numerous mountain routes suitable for all types of athletes.
  • CLIMATE: The climate of Encamp is dry and high mountain. While in winter the temperatures are cold, in summer they become much warmer. In the case of Pas de la Casa, due to its altitude (2000m) in winter the snow can be very abundant and the temperatures very low.
  • ECONOMY AND FINANCE: The economic activity of the parish is developed, in large part, around Grand Valira (the largest ski area in the Pyrenees). Encamp has become the gateway to the ski slopes hanks to the Funicamp (the fastest cable car in southern Europe) and Pas de la Casa is at the foot of ski slopes. In addition the latter is a very important commercial axis of Andorra.
In reference to the financial services, in Encamp they have office the main banking entities of the country. 


  • CULTURE AND LEISURE: As in the rest of the country, the romanesque is very present, especially highlighting the set of Sant Romà de les Bons or the Church of Santa Eulalia. Also we can find different museums: Casa Cristo Ethnographic Museum, National Automobile Museum, Museum of Sacred Art and Museum of Electricity of Andorra.
Throughout the year Encamp has a wide variety of hotels and restaurants that offer a wide range of leisure and gastronomy. Also in Pas de la casa is the Center Esportiu de Pas de la Casa which has become a reference on cultural, social and sporting level where you can find a wide range of activities. 


  • EDUCATION: When one considers residing in Andorra education is one of the most important subjects. In Encamp we can find three educational centers that correspond to two of the three free systems between which you can choose in the principality: Andorran School (first and second teaching) and French School.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: The parish is connected by road, both nationally and internationally. The airports of Barcelona and Tolousse are within 3 hours and there are also helicopter landing points.
Encamp is a parish that has managed to combine modernity with tradition. It is an ideal place to live in Andorra as you will have at your disposal all the advantages offered by a large population, enjoying a multitude of activities in contact with nature.

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