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The importance of quality insurance, not everything is the price

In some article I have expressed against the lowcost insurance and in general the insurance that only seek to fulfill a legal requirement in a fair and limited way. Today I will try to extend myself in because that type of insurance that at first may seem a good idea can result in a series of problems if finally a sinister occurs. I also want to point out that even the best companies produce errors and problems, but it is always much more difficult to have them if a company is serious and likes to give service than in a company whose business model is precisely not to give it.

In general, insurance is used when something happens that in principle produces a loss to the insured. The example that is less costly to understand car insurance, which acts when a malfunction occurs. In many cases this damage consists only of any possible damage that may occur to third parties, whether pedestrians or other vehicles. It seems that nothing can fail, but we will have insurance that before any incident will try to compromise and leave us sold, with experts who are specifically dedicated to say that the accident is our fault for what they do not have to pay or at least not do it for the whole of the damages. This, the years that there are no problems is not noticed, but the first that exists of course is notorious.

In other cases, such as health insurance, the insurer expels the insured mid-treatment or raises the premium an unreasonable amount for the client to leave. Therefore, the savings disappears to the first problem. Many companies from year X remove the possibility for the company to withdraw from the agreement, which is to some extent a virtue, as it also fits an uncontrolled rise of premiums.

La importancia de un seguro de calidad es que una compañía que generalmente tenga un precio dentro de mercado, dará servicio. Una compañía que tenga como virtud el precio mínimo, generalmente lo dejará ver cuando lleguen los problemas. Muchas veces las quejas de "X compañía no me dió el servicio Y" son porque eran compañías baratas y seguros pensados para figurar más que para ser de utilidad.

The importance of quality insurance is that a company that usually has a price within the market, will give service. A company that has the lowest price as a virtue will generally let you see when the problems arrive. Often the complaints of "X company did not give me the service Y" are because they were cheap and safe companies thought to figure more than to be useful.

Then, although I notice that in Andorra, it does not happen, in Spain some companies are disconnected from the rest so that when changing companies the loss of conditions is high and has more complicated to leave. It does not apply to Andorra but I think it is not bad to know, because it is a way to compete in my judgment really disloyal.

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