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Internet and fiber optic service in Andorra

In Andorra there is only one state internet provider that is Andorra Telecom, the country has no market for several companies and the government also considers telephony and internet matters as structural. Following this line, one of the most outstanding things offered by Andorra Telecom and which give good reputation to the country is the service of fiber optic that reaches a coverage of 100% of homes with 100mb symmetrical. There is no ADSL or other type of older internet services, but the entire online offer is of the latest technology. The prices are also quite competitive, with € 39 + IGI with the plan that includes internet + landline. This is not much less than in other countries, but the services and brandwidth are really competitive at an european level.

Even so, the service of continuous improvement continues its course and during the present year 2017 will triple the speed up to 300mb of bandwidth. All this implies a great capacity of download and upload of data in every corner of the country, reason why the internet services are really admirable in the country. This also demonstrates the country's commitment to the highest level of technology in what the internet refers to. They will also offer a routers rental service, to help people avoid making mistakes by choosing the right equipment for their needs.

Having said all this, I want to point out that, if you asked me the best of Andorra Telecom, I would say that it is without a doubt the technical service. Even when there are falls in service (which fortunately are not common) the technical department is internal to the company, clear and sincere. Coming from abroad and from the call center policies we are accustomed to, it is a real wonder. It is undoubtedly the main virtue of telephone and internet services in the country.


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