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Typical questions: What are the benefits of living in Andorra?

Today, we continue with our series of typical questions that our clients ask us about our residence services in the country. Today we are going to talk about the benefits that as a resident are perceived when one comes to live in Andorra. What is presented in this article does not only come from my perspective, but also from the people of the office, clients and in general the people who are known during life in this country of immigrants.

In the first place, it is an extremely safe country in terms of crime. Spain is one of the best countries in Europe in these terms, but Andorra belongs to another world. There is no crime as such, so you end up becoming extraordinarily confident and expect that even a wallet that falls to the ground is in place or in lost objects without missing anything. People take little or no steps to protect their homes, possessions and businesses. It is much more comfortable than at first seems, very easy to get used to.

Secondly, the people are hospitable. There is a very low number of non-immigrant Andorrans, only 50% are nationals and of this percentage the majority comes, at least partially, from outside the country. A long time ago the attitude of the Andorrans with the foreigners was very criticized. At present, the Andorrans, whether by conviction or economic interest, are very welcoming with foreigners. In these times it is a very pleasant thing to live. In general if one makes efforts to integrate, people in general makes it easy.

As a last point I want to highlight the quality of life in general. Andorra is a unique hybrid between town and city, so in many cases retains the goodness of one and the other. On weekends it behaves in many places as a city, but if you want you can be like in a village a few minutes from the capital. In addition, the services are based on the huge volume of tourists that we have, so when these leave is a luxury to make use of them. Other services such as health or schools allow a choice that is unusually superior to that proposed by other countries. In general, the issue of quality of life will be discussed at length in a later article, because it is really a point in favor of the country.


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