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A car insurance in Andorra

Andorra is a very small country, with an interesting insurance sector but also a large range of foreign insurers operating in the country. Many times customers ask us where they can go to get the highest quality insurance possible for their vehicles in the country (especially considering the high price variability), which is why we are going to try to clarify how the Insurance works and some of the peculiarities that the principality has with respect to this type of services.

Andorra does not have a system of interconnection as in the rest of European countries, for this reason the antiquity and many other matters are calculated as it was done years ago in Spain. Therefore, prices can vary widely between entities more accustomed to working in this way and others that try to adapt how now works in Spain to the Andorran case. That is why the differences are so obvious. In addition, local insurers offer certain services very focused on the local customer and also all the services offered by other insurers at the level of specific coverage or specifications. In addition, certain entities make very tailor-made insurance extremely interesting.

Anyway, in this case there is no lack of offer and the truth is that in some respects there is even more than in Spain. In addition many insurers are much less likely to give problems than their Spanish colleagues

Regarding to prices, generally there are no lowcost insurances, so those accustomed to such services will find themselves without an offer here. It is also true that they are insurances that into practice are not highly recommended. About our personal recommendation we, as brokerage, work with Multisegur, they are serious and independent people, delighted to provide service and with very competitive prices. All insurance that PSF makes and are not a health insurance, is with them.

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I finished the degree in Development of Computer Applications in Alcañiz and later I entered the financial market first as a systems programmer and then as a trader. During those years I finished my DBA Degree in the UNIR and later I obtained a master in Banking, Financial Markets and Patrimonial Management by the EAE. I also took a course in Financial Adviser from the UPV.

I have done consulting for various clients in both strategic and fiscal matters. I tend to offer integral solutions and now I take care of the administration of PSF. When there is an issue that requires knowledge of markets or investment, I also assume that competition.
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