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Sources of savings when buying a vehicle in Andorra

Today we are going to return on a subject that in the past we already dealt with in detail, but it does not lose popularity. To have a vehicle in Andorra. It is an extremely common theme that we are asked every day, aware of the number of large cars in Andorra and in general the proliferation of cars of the principality. All this is due to two sources of savings.

First of all, it must be considered that the registration tax does not exist. There is a fee, but the dealers include it in the price and it costs peanuts. This finally provokes that buying cars with a lot of horse power means save a lot of money in Andorra compared to their neighbors. Imagine a car with a 24.75% tax in Spain, transformed into a 0% in the country, is a very remarkable change. In the end a saving of 30% compared to Spain is quite easy to get on certain models.


Secondly, VAT is much lower, so by this way you can expect a 15% direct discount. This mainly affects individuals, but it is a really huge discount. Added to the previous one, supposes many thousands of euros only talking about taxes.


It is true that there are dealerships who apply the discounts in a way that reduces a lot their profitability, but are really a minority. Most Andorran dealerships are owned by important Principality companies that always apply the discount, so saving is really important. You can also easily get discounts on the usual price if you insist and negociate. Also note the general professionalism of the sales teams of large companies, as well as their fair play.

All this leads, as already mentioned above, to the creation of companies and subterfuges with the sole purpose of being able to have a vehicle registered here. Customized car registrations and the possibility of avoid fines abroad, the savings in the purchase of the vehicle it's really a point.

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