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An insurance with medical box as a guarantee of a fast attention

Many times, in health matters, it is really important to receive care as quickly as possible. Whether for diagnostic tests, specific specialists or a simple consultation, speed is an incentive for a satisfactory medical experience. It is the main reason why people generally get insurance with medical box, fast care. That is because an insurance with medical box is a guarantee of a fast attention.

As we discussed before, a medical insurance gives an immense list of private doctors who you can visit without payment and in the time and manner that suits the insured.

The case of Andorra has several peculiarities, so many times more is thought about the choice and the absence of co-payment (serious problems of health in the country, as we talked in the past) that in the speed that this type of insurance. Still, you gain a lot of time if you rely on this type of health insurance. A call can make an appointment with the doctor in the short term or an accident during the holiday can be resolved with a visit to the emergency room of a private hospital. Without more intermediaries than the call or to go to a medical center included within the medical box. This avoids the large amount of paperwork or paperwork necessary for the CASS to authorize an outside intervention, which is also time.

In the end, it is much easier and more profitable for a resident to simply ask for an appointment in Spain, to perform the services that he needs and to return comfortably to Andorra. Neither refunds, nor unnecessary waits, nor paperwork for the CASS ... Simply request an appointment, go to consultation, diagnostic tests ... whatever it takes. The process is not only comparatively trivial with respect to CASS, but is freer and faster. If an immediate response is required within the same week it will not be difficult to find dozens of specialists willing to deal with it.

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