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The need to have an encryption certificate on our website

Today I'm going to tell you a little story. When I came to live in Andorra, one thing that caught my attention is the situation with the hosting services and encrypted services in the country. In general many systems stand out because they are outdated, in some cases up to levels impossible to find outside it. We have all our websites encrypted, both clients and our own and I considered it extremely basic in the face of a web with minimum security standards. There was no encryption here and it is not until the beginning of this month when the competition is starting, in a way that causes me a lot of fun, to try to encrypt their hosting services in a more or less professional way.

Returning to the usual tone, having the web with an HTTPS encryption is a must for some years from now. A hosting that does not have a SSL certificate by default (although this is not perfect) is certainly a third regional hosting in the year 2017. It is not an additional function, it is a minimum. The level of SEO is imperative, security level is imperative and level of credibility is not bad either. The loading speed is worse, but the searchers, aware of this fact, make up for it. Avoid a lot of web attacks that occur every day, some very subtle, but all very annoying, as well as guarantees that if the user sends data these will not be intercepted by anyone (we have had cases).

A web without SSL can suffer very serious attacks that can be expensive, both at the level of information theft and at the general level, that is why search engines are promoting this type of practices. I am aware that for many people outside the world of computing this is all seen as an accessory theme, but I hope that with this article, without entering into technical issues, the need for encryption will be understood.

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I finished the degree in Development of Computer Applications in Alcañiz and later I entered the financial market first as a systems programmer and then as a trader. During those years I finished my DBA Degree in the UNIR and later I obtained a master in Banking, Financial Markets and Patrimonial Management by the EAE. I also took a course in Financial Adviser from the UPV.

I have done consulting for various clients in both strategic and fiscal matters. I tend to offer integral solutions and now I take care of the administration of PSF. When there is an issue that requires knowledge of markets or investment, I also assume that competition.
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