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Typical content creation errors for our web

Content creation is already a standard at the online marketing level, a really good positioning without content creation is impossible with current standards. The problem comes when many times the content is not made in an ideal way. I am going to comment what for me are the main mistakes that occur when creating content.

The most serious mistake is creating irrelevant content. It's getting to write without a plan, basically. Creating content that at the time of truth "fails" is normal, you can not win everytime, but if it is within a plan it will always have a utility and you can learn from it. Without a plan you can create anything thet gets our visitor a feel of discomfort of reading content without sufficient entity. It is also important to say that it is worth something more short but valuable than a billet that says nothing.

The second mistake is to create repeated content. With this I do not mean that you create content that we have already created, but to create the same content that our top 10 competitors create. Not everyone can position in the same and although there are things that have to be done, it is interesting to look for a different way of doing it with respect to the competition. At least not explain in the same way the same regulation that is explained 300 times, try to contribute something to that regulation that must be explained.

The third mistake is not to lay out content well at the level of SEO. This with a strategic marketing plan is simple if you know well what is done, but can be a mess. The problem is that it is not optional and it requires marketing and computer skills to do it with an optimal result.

The fourth mistake is to get too far away of the content that affects our web. That is, if we sell appliances and we get to talk about road construction. Maybe its ok to talk about appliances that have a relationship with X and can be fun, or curiosities or more lax topics.Never use a topic that has nothing to do with the main theme, even to comment on an event of a friend or something relevant locally. Anyone who wants local news will usually be subscribed to them by web or social networks, we do not have to get into a field where we can easily get lost.

About the Author

Terminé el grado en Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Informáticas en Alcañiz y posteriormente me interné en el mercado financiero en primer lugar como programador de sistemas y luego como trader. Durante esos años finalicé mis estudios de Grado ADE en la UNIR y posteriormente hice un máster en Banca, Mercados financieros y Gestión Patrimonial por la EAE. También realicé un curso de Asesor Financiero por la UPV.

He realizado consultoría para diversos clientes tanto en temas estratégicos como fiscales. Acostumbro a ofrecer soluciones integrales y  en la actualidad me ocupo de la administración de PSF. Cuando aparece algún asunto que requiere de conocimientos de mercados o inversión, también asumo esa competencia.

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