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Basic health insurance available in Andorra

As we said in the past, an efficient way to fill the CASS deficiencies is to contract complementary health insurance to resolve problems that do not resolve the CASS itself. Now, there are a respectable number of alternatives to solve this problem, which is the subject that we are going to discuss today. For reasons of extension we will focus on basic insurance, dealing with the most ambitious insurance in a later article.

First, we have to remember that CASS has three problems. The first is that the treatment must be paid first to receive the return, the second is that the total cost is not received and the third is the very limited possibility of choosing (possibly the largest of the three). To solve this, we believe that the way of operating is the one generally followed by European companies (for example DKV), consisting of a range of medical insurances with medical box or reimbursement.

The first step is a complement to the CASS. It covers what CASS does not cover and solves the copayment problem, but the rest of things stay as they were. A complementary CASS is generally identical in all the companies, the price difference is minimal. In addition, coverages are always the same and companies treat it the same way.

The next step is the medical box. This is where you really notice the difference between companies and also where you can really get utility from having hired an insurance. Basically, to the above is added a medical box in Spain through which we have access to several thousand private professionals in the country. Here I suggest to be very careful with the companies that offer very limited medical pictures at the regional level, because the savings they suppose is negligible with respect to the coverages that are lost. It is always better to deal with a company with an extensive national medical box that allows us a more free choice. This table eliminates the three problems, the one of choice, the one of payment and the need of having to advance the money. It is really the ideal basic solution to face having health coverage residing in the country.

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