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Online marketing from the financial perspective of a long-term investment

Today I will tell you about the company website from the perspective of finance. Generally the conception that management has of the web is very incorrect, reason why it is necessary to treat everything from a perspective closer to the reality. The web does not have to be a showcase to the world, that is a too traditional vision of what at present supposes the web presence of the company.

Every web presence has to have a perfectly measurable return, generally we speak much about the ROI (how much is earned for each euro invested) but other indicators are left very aside. Investing in a strong website, we handle big budgets and the return almost always takes more than a year to be really intense. To me the ROI, I do not like it much, I'm not afraid to work with spending so I work at the conversions level. Working for conversions involves measuring the cost of having an internet visitor contact us or giving us their contact information. Conversions will always be above 75 € the first year in most service businesses, and will then go down. We already have a fairly low price per conversion, every day it costs us less money to convert an internet visitor into a client. This is the usual procedure.

So, you can think of the web as a savings account that starts to give strong returns after the first year. When the conversion costs € 30, it will be very easy to defend the role of the web within the company, but that situation will take some time to happen. At first, when conversions are non-existent to becoming later relatively expensive, that's when it's hard to make the investment. Also consider one thing, in many businesses the web does not close sales. If you are selling a complex product or service, the customer will have to talk to you to be convinced and there the web can only pave the ground. There are methodologies for using the web at that time, but that is already another matter.

In the end, the web happens to be a commercial asset that brings X people to our commercial team, each time that X is bigger and cheaper. Who starts this process now in 2-3 years will have an immense competitive advantage over their competition and will come to it in many cases alone, but patience is an rare virtue.

About the Author

I finished the degree in Development of Computer Applications in Alcañiz and later I entered the financial market first as a systems programmer and then as a trader. During those years I finished my DBA Degree in the UNIR and later I obtained a master in Banking, Financial Markets and Patrimonial Management by the EAE. I also took a course in Financial Adviser from the UPV.

I have done consulting for various clients in both strategic and fiscal matters. I tend to offer integral solutions and now I take care of the administration of PSF. When there is an issue that requires knowledge of markets or investment, I also assume that competition.
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