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Other 4 appraisals about living in Andorra (my opinion)

Today I return with 5 other appraisals that I hope will be useful to give you an image of what it's like to live in Andorra from the perspective of someone who is from the outside.

Weekends are a curious period. Many finish work early, for those who want to go getaway can leave as soon as possible and avoid jams. The country is full of activities, but many people in the country abandon it to move to a quieter place. This in certain parishes like San Julián or La Massana is not so exaggerated, but in others like Andorra or Escaldes it is quite massive. I refer, obviously, to "office" staff, the trade people usually work weekends. This is a consequence of what was said in the previous article on the great tourism sector of Andorra.

Low taxes are noticed on a daily basis more than most people believe. I expected a lot, but I got even more. We have become accustomed to taxes, but living with less of them allows you an additional degree of freedom quite comfortable. It is not only the highest percentage of disposable income, it is the additional freedom that is available to us at the planning level.

It is not so cold, especially if you compare it with other places in Spain. In winter it does not stop to frost, but it is not an extremely uncomfortable cold. The real cold and snow are in the heights, where a small percentage of the population lives. In general 90% of us see it from the window. That said, it is not Barcelona at temperature level, in my case, for my fortune.

Related to the previous point, in 20 minutes you can go to incredible meadows in summer and two meters of snow in winter. Many times the valley has a climate that can be completely upset in a small trip up. But beware of the car you carry, which it sometimes comes the scares.



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