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Tips for living in Andorra: Christmas in Andorra

There is always a tendency to identify Christmas with cold and snow, which is a good clue as to why Andorra often gets identified with it. This does not mean that at the time I was pleasantly surprised by the treatment given to Christmas and how the principality works during those dates.


Christmas in Andorra is a very busy period of time, with hotels without any places and people from outside making long trips to see their loved ones abroad. The decoration is really beautiful here and by mid-November is already all set, following the fashion that has been with us for so many years. In general it is nice to see all the streets and squares so beautiful and festive, it gives a charming atmosphere. In the weekend, animations are hired to allow, for example, the children to give the letters to the magi directly to some elves. It struck me, but the children were so delighted that they stopped the entourage, which caused a traffic jam at the height of the leclerc (French supermarket). Andorra Telecom also puts a telephone at the disposal of the children, so that they can call and tell their things to Santa Claus. Consider this as examples of the type of activities that take place at Christmas in the country, which go well beyond the typical Christmas decorations. In itself there are a lot of nice events facing these dates and in general it is a very good atmosphere.


It is also very relevant here the New Year, with occupations of 100% of the country and hotels that quintuple the price of the rooms. There are many parties on the ski slopes and other similar places that give a very unique character to the country. In fact, people try to rent you a room, for our initial stupor. Many people rent their rooms at quite unreasonable prices and the demand surpasses by many whole to the offer. This creates certain problems facing the Andorran real estate market and several institutions in the country are targeting it.


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