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Commercial sales in Andorra la Vella

As of the date of this article, the winter sales of the year 2016 in Andorra haven begun. Here the rebates always start several weeks before that in the neighboring countries to produce a calling effect in them and that the Christmas purchases are made in a context of discounts for the customer and extraordinary sales for the seller.


The decree regulating the sales is published a few weeks before and additional publicity campaigns are usually carried out by shops and/or public entities interested in promoting the principality. Even so, it is a fact known by those close to the country or those who already know it, but not by people who are outside that range of action. Faced with the people who make big pre-Christmas shopping, a sales that start two days before Christmas Eve are certainly a source of savings that can compensate for many kilometers by car.


These sales mainly affect clothing stores, but some other business get on the train with additional discounts on their product range. In addition, you can take advantage of the usual suspects, such as tobacco or supplies for vehicles and get extra travel savings. In itself, for a few days Andorra is focused on the trade sector and holiday sales, with a big sucess we hope.


This does mean that from today the country is going to have a very intense occupation and the business possibly will have some extremely active days at the sales level. Both the people who live in the country and an army of Catalans usually make certain Christmas purchases taking advantage of these sales.


It is also worth noting one thing, many chains make monthly discounts in certain cases that are the same as those made in sales, so when it comes to truth in many products the difference is not as pronounced as it seems in the first place. As personal advice, a discount of more than 20% is a good discount on this place.


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