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Tips for residing in Andorra: 5 other curiosities about Andorra

As the last time I did an article with curiosities about Andorra I had the impression that it was very short, I will do a second part of it telling some more curiosities that the small Pyrenean country offers to those who reside in it.

There are plenty of traffic guards and at peak times they control all crosses replacing traffic lights. There are times when you can get to Andorra capital without almost touching a traffic light. Also, when walking,  many times they help you cross the street stopping the cars, which may seem trivial, but it is extremely convenient, especially for those who cross main roads in our daily chores.

Everyone thinks that famous people come to Andorra for savings, but more than one comes also because of the advantages that the level of privacy implies. It is not unusual during the week to see some famous and they can walk in peace. There are more than one who has come to the country just for that.

Every festivity in Spain gets the country is saturated by tourists, there are protocols by which parking spaces are removed to make lanes, traffic is diverted in a certain way etc ... For those of us who live here it is a discomfort of the first order, but we did not stop being in a tourist country. This is reflected in that certain businesses have special schedules the weeks that is a big festivity in Spain or France, losing in some cases a holiday that will be recovered later.

The whole country has fiber optic coverage, even the lost villages. This involved complex works to bring fiber to towns that are very high and very in a corner of the country. Even when sometimes few people live in these villages.

The works of improvement are constant and in many cases run at night, to avoid excessive discomfort in traffic. The changes in the vials are continuous and every year many attempts are made to improve something. This is fine except when the asphalt racer passes at 11 at night close to your house. Joking apart, at the level of work and disturbing as little as possible the work of the workers is impeccable.


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