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The state and functioning of the tax system in Andorra

It is not uncommon that, even today, people believe that Andorra continues without taxes. The truth is that Andorra already has a functional tax system, at least to a certain extent.


Taxes in Andorra have been legislated for 5-6 years, although some of its vicissitudes are not yet ready. The IRPF began to be paid last year and with the company's tax have been working a few years. All the tax efforts are being put in a single department and there is still work by the government to close all the parts of some taxes. Therefore, for the one who comes from outside the taxes are not in a state similar to the one that they have in the rest of European countries. I am not talking about the amount, which is obviously much lower, but about the management of them. Not everything is as finished as in abroad and sometimes the government leaves broad interpretations in certain regulations. They are also more lax in the face of certain provisions or accounting freedom in certain seats, which of course is a great advantage and a great help.


At the level of amounts, we have already spoken in the past about it, 10% of corporate tax, 10% IRPF, but if the IS is paid, the IRPF is not paid by the same party. The IGI (VAT) is at 4.5% overall with several specific types ... I have put links to the different articles that deal with these issues in case you want to go deeper into them.


Therefore, there is a full range of taxes, but in some cases there are doubts about how to tax a tax event or to what extent certain accounting adjustments can be made. Things also go a little slow and saturates the administration every fiscal year end, but the government is in it and hopefully in one or two exercises all such problems are already resolved.


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