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Invest in Andorra: International Hub

One of the things that really works and has the public investing in Andorra, is the use of the country as an international hub, that is, as a link between several countries. That mainly happen with people from Catalonia who want to diversify, but have problems in going directly to markets in which they do not know the language. Also in cases of companies that want to have an intermediate country among several interesting markets.

In the end, Andorra is the perfect place and has the ideal legislation to act as a hub or international interconnection. Serving products to France and Spain is very easy from here, both because of its location and by some special regimes within the country. But, what are the procedures to perform this type of operations?

Generally the most common is to create a company in Andorra as a way to exploit the market itself and subsequently move to an adjacent market. Sometimes they are businesses that have nothing to do with Spain or France, but its is usually one of their neighbors trying to reach the other little by little. In the end, it is a country with a know-how of the two legislations and good agreements with both, together with favorable taxation. It is easy to find a person who can understand French customers and their vicissitudes, for example. It is also easy to work with more remote legislations on certain issues.

Andorra is not exempt from problems, for example, it is complicated to carry out certain operations with the US for the retentions that are applied and in some cases and its small size makes it unknown (which implies giving explanations and having everything very well apostilled), but in general ss an extremely favorable legislation for this type of business with an international vocation.

Concluding, Andorra is ideal if you want to invest in a hub for international companies. Many companies expand internationally from here and even are the ones that built a company here mainly thinking about the external customer. The favorable taxation and localization of the country allow this kind of operations.



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