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Tips for living in Andorra: 5 curiosities of Andorra

Andorra is a very special country. Many people believe that being so close to Spain will hardly be differences with the country, but the truth is that there are and there are many. That is why I am going to make a small series of articles with things that have been burdensome and common doubts about Andorra.


The taxes and rates to which the rest of Europeans are more than accustomed arrive in Andorra in 2010. Here are still a novelty and are finalizing details on this. Many taxes have only been paid once in 2016 and many procedures are still not fully legislated. Everything is improving fast, but there is still a long road to it.


Andorra allows weapons to defend the properties and the home of its residents. Of course, the police usually ask for at least a year and a half of residence to be eligible. It is basically requested by no one because of the very low crime rate of the principality.


Many laws are copies of Spain's ones, for good or ill. Take the example of the driver's license system or some details of the INAF. This can also be discussed as much of it is by European regulations, but nobody doubts that Andorra receives a great legal influence from Spain.


When you come to live in Andorra, you have to give your driving license and you get the Andorran one. It is obligatory, its really controled by the authorities and it is due to European regulations. This driving license takes a time to be obtained, so further plannification is usually a good idea. Other identifications are not lost, of course, which remains capital to identify.


From 1947 to the present the population has multiplied by 16 approximately. For this reason, it is difficult to find people from Andorra who have been here forever, it is an extraordinarily mixed country.


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