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Tips for residing in Andorra: Investing from banks

One of the things that Andorra is known for is its banks. This is usually due to black money issues and things like that, but the real highlight is private banking. This private banking is a very personal service for clients with high purchasing power, but specialization has caused many of these services to be available for commercial banking in a very convenient way.


In the end, banks operating in the principality have particularly powerful investment platforms, some of which even allow direct access to the market. This is not something that is impossible to find in neighboring countries, but it is not as ubiquitous as in Andorra. Here a bank with no special investment vocation can have a really complete range of assets and a way of operating with them remarkably advanced. It is very comfortable, both at the level of commissions (especially competitive for this type of business) and management level (very simple websites). It is also easy to find certain types of professionals and counseling, although this depends more on the specific case in which we find ourselves. As a detail, and without advertising anyone, one of the best banks at the level of investment platform in Spain, is owned by an andorran one and share platform.


That is why many people have money in Andorra, even without benefiting from taxation, or have a society well capitalized here. It is very easy to invest money in a comfortable way and with an excellent range of assets. In order to get extra returns on certain liquid assets, it is still much more convenient than other countries. The offer of funds is also especially popular and the vocation of Andorran banks in Luxembourg gives access to very interesting assets.


In short, Andorran banking has the virtue of giving access to certain special assets that not all banks have and also a extraordinary liquidity. This things can be good allies for your spare cash. It is good advice for residing in the country to take advantage of what banks offer us.



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