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Tips for residing in Andorra: Basic services

When I came to live in Andorra, I found that many things are taken for granted when you come to live here. In the end you get many surprises, some good and some bad. To try to mitigate this effect, I will make a new series with advice to reside in the principality and, in general, details that everyone gives by known.


Today we are going to talk about basic services in the Andorran context, in the first place, water. When I asked in the "Comú de Sant Julià", I was told that the water is paid by the property and apparently it was a ridiculous amount, in the office of Escaldes same mechanics, so it is an expense of which you do not have to worry at all .


Regarding electricity, it is contracted with FEDA (in Sant Julià with the "Mutua Eléctrica"). In the end we all have a unique provider. The registering rises around 300 €, so it is a relevant amount, but the bills are very small compared to, for example, Spain. Being two people at home we are about 35 € month with our rate, in winter climbs a little, but does not skyrocket. Therefore, the light bill is not a scare in Andorra.


Special mention to the gas, provided by the FEDA, but in Andorra it is in very very few houses because of the low prices of electricity. I know they have some houses in the Axirivall with it, but I can not bring clarity to this.


Regarding internet, telephony and television, the state-owned supplier is Andorra Telecom. Without being a robbery, it does not have cheap rates, which allows the state to be financed with the benefits of it. The great advantage it has over other countries, apart from the disappearance of the telemarketers, is that the attention is EXQUISITE. Four languages ​​available, operators attentive and kind, with the possibility of repairing your incidence and without you bouncing between them, very immediate attention ... A delight. I do not mind paying a little more for having that team behind.


Finally, the television has all the channels of Spain, the Andorran channel, French channels and many international.



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