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The state of immigration in Andorra

Andorra is a country with a very positive net immigration, went from 5385 inhabitants in 1947 to 78014 that we were in 2015. This obviously is not due to an exorbitant birth rate, but a steady influx of people through the years we have come to the small country.

About where all this immigration comes, we are 20577 spanish , 3890 french and 10697 portuguese, among many other nationalities. There is a lot of english speakers too, mainly for EEUU but they are growing really fast in the past years. There are 35750 Andorrans. It is noteworthy that the percentage of foreigners is huge, but is mainly due to the inherent difficulties in obtaining nationality and the fact that you must reject your previous nationality. Itself has gone from an absurdly complex nationality to one that simply is difficult. This is an issue that raised some social unrest in past times, but today has been channeled trying to minimize conflict.

Most people come to work for others in Andorrans business, with special attention to trade business, services and overall service to the public. They also hire many entities as banks, insurance companies and even the government itself. The crisis has been less pronounced in Andorra (although it is true that there has been intense) and this has allowed to maintain a level of positive development. I say this from the Spanish perspective, for Andorran it has not been easy the immense legal change been applied from the start of the crisis, which now recovering in full.

The Andorran labor regime is quite special, in general there is not temporary work and traditional and very european companies live in great harmony. It is very different from its southern neighbors and that why much of its popularity. For a tiny country, it has a particularly large population, mainly due to their quality of life.



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