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Why is Andorra competitive to reside

At a tax level, has always been said that no country is good for everything, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Some have higher taxes or requirements, others are cheaper, other good for certain operations... but neither has it all.

At the level of small countries, it has always been customary sought prosperity by offering low-tax services to potential consumers. Each country acted in a different way, as best thought he could meet the needs and problems of its inhabitants. Generally this countries are clasifiqued as onshore (with connection to "normal" countries) and offshore (without it). In general, the first ones are more operational and transparent while the second tend to give more problems concerning legality and similar matters (thats why their use is declining). Within the first category, there are countries that are only for domiciliate companies (such as the small Gibraltar) or can also be used as a valid residence for its high standard of living (Andorra or Monaco). At the end, in order to stay in a country, prices have to be logical and services decent, many countries of this kind do not meet these requirements (although they can be great for a resident company).

Therefore, Andorra is ideal place to reside, because its high quality of life and services. Although it is also valid to have a society, that is not as ideal now, but the legislation is progressing in recent decades.

It is quite possible that at the end, for this kind of tax planning, the only thing that will remain is change of residence, which will make it more unusual and more specific. Will be countries like Andorra which will retain the potential to save tax on such ways.



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