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Advantages of being a resident in Andorra: Tax free

One of the best advantages and the most unknown of residing in Andorra is the ability as an individual to "Tax Free" of goods purchased out of Andorra.

Make a Tax Free is basically that you are refunded the VAT and charged with 4.5% of IGI. That is, you get refunded the difference beetween the taxes you paid for the goods. How to do it is very easy, all major shops perform these services. You being in Spain, you go with your "permis" of Andorra to buy and you fill a document in the store. Upon returning home, you stop customs and a friendly Civil Guard seals the paper you filled in store (they like you to show them that the goods are actually entering the country). After this you go with your sealed document to one of the offices of Crèdit Andorrà and in a few days you will have back the money into your account.

It is interesting to note that the Civil Guard is 24 hours available to seal a tax free and if the goods are not shown in customs when entering (because forgetfulness, because you have returned to the country by bus ...) the tax free can be done without problems. It is also interesting to know that there is an office of Crèdit Andorrà in Santa Coloma that return the money on the spot.

As requirements besides reside outside the EU, the spending must exceed € 90.16 and must be sealed by customs before three months after the bought. Many stores have certain laxity with these last two terms.

Therefore, living in Andorra is a real treat in consumer savings, as taxes paid in other countries are returned and replaced by nationals. Another tax advantage of Andorra that often goes unnoticed.



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