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4 definitive reasons why Andorra is an ideal place to live

Many people are afraid to come to reside in Andorra. In fact, it is with much advantage the main barrier that customers have when dealing with us, fear of cold, a very differen lifet, feeling isolated in the valley... The funny thing is that once people begins to live here is a negligible amount of defections. So how it is live in Andorra that makes many people not go back home?

First, in Andorra it is not so cold. If you come from places like Barcelona, ​​you will note the change, but form most of Europe, Andorra has a bearable cold. Anyway, the beach is less than 3 hours from home, so breaks are frequent.

Second, in Andorra live less than 80,000 people, but more than 8,000,000 visitors. This means that receives a few million less than Barcelona. Therefore, service level in Andorra is extraordinarily. In weekend they are in high demand, but many midweek days you can enjoy a full range of services almost exclusively, it is a little neat experience.

In addition, Andorra has among others a French educational system, which allows pre-university ages enjoy one of the best education systems in the world. Andorrans so children have a much greater growth potential than many of its neighbors. There are also Spanish and Andorran model, which are particularly refined here, but the French system is very popular among the people of Andorra, despite language barriers and the extremely high number of Spanish speakers, it is the second favorite of residents in Andorra.

In addition, Andorra lets you choose more than it seems at first. The differences between parishes are very marked, there are many people who will live in the ultra-pure air of tranquility and high parishes and many others who prefer the warmth and connection of the lower parishes. You can choose between having everything close or be very isolated from everything even having everything halfway.

Here are four reasons why Andorra is a very valid place to live, excluding the favorable taxation available.



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