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What are the limitations of passive residence in Andorra?

Passive residences are one of the types of residence offered in Andorra. Basically it is for people who do not carry out a professional activity in the principality and in principle it is very simple. However, in practice you have some risks that have to be considered if you want to have a residence process as safe as possible.


Why do self-employed residents of Andorra have such a low dropout rate in the country?

One of the peculiarities of Andorra is its high level of quality of life. There are many people who are initially interested in the country due to their low taxes. Then, later, they discover that to reside in Andorra is to enjoy a great level of life.


Advantages and disadvantages of creating a company in Andorra

It is normal for an foreign entrepreneur not to know the real advantages and disadvantages of starting a business in Andorra. Moreover, he may have the wrong think that Andorra is a tax haven. This is a very big error since the legislation has changed a lot.


Three cognitive biases that will affect us doing Inbound Marketing

When we carry out an Inbound Marketing campaign we usually take into account the typical: theme, product, target audience... However, it is also important to consider target biases.


We all have cognitive biases. They are part of our nature. The human mind is not all the time processing rationally, because it is a slow process and that consumes many resources. To shorten the times, it uses short routes and fast mental processes that for the day to day serve us. The price we pay for this high-speed processing is that it is not very fine, and can lead to errors. I will mention only the three biases that seem to me most important, but we have many more.


How to study at the University of Andorra? Certificates, registration and residence of studies

Although many Andorran residents decide to take their university studies in Barcelona or Toulouse, there is the possibility of studying them in the country. The University is located in Sant Julià de Lòria. It has different studies, related to computer science and telecommunications, marketing and economics, nursing and education.


Why is Andorra one of the safest countries in the world?

Andorra is one of the safest countries in the world. Their crime rate is very low. According to the latest data available at UNODC, its total number of convicted persons was 221 per 100,000. To give us an idea, the rate of Spain is 511, Germany's 928 (in 2014) and France's 984. If someone is curious to compare, I have extracted the data here, where there are many more.


What are the characteristics of Bitcoin explained in a simple way? Advantages and disadvantages

Bitcoin is a fiduciary currency (based on trust, with nothing physical to back it up). However, it does not have a central bank and supports a decentralized network. Therefore, it also has no interest rates that the controlling entity can move for its benefit. Simply, this entity does not exist. This is the main difference and from it come most advantages and disadvantages.


What is Bitcoin explained in a simple way

Bitcoin is a digital currency and you can pay with it, change it to other currencies, invest, and so on. What can be done depends on someone accepting the payment with Bitcoin, the change and in general behaves just like other currencies.