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We explain in detail the educational structure that makes Andorra a unique country

If you are thinking about changing countries with your family, this is an important issue. Where will my children study? In what language? What possibilities and opportunities will they have?

We can say that the school offer in Andorra is varied and very complete. But to understand the educational system it is necessary to know a little about its history. We will explain all the options and various information of interest to consider.

The different educational systems that exist in Andorra

The coexistence of different educational systems has gained considerable complexity in recent decades.

Andorra is located in the Pyrenees, between France and Spain. In its history, we go back to the thirteenth century where it began to be a co-principality among neighboring countries. Currently, it is a co-principal parliamentarian, and for this reason we can find three educational systems in the country: Andorran, French and Spanish.

The history and evolution of the education system in Andorra.

A small historical analysis explains the essential features of this educational system. In 1882 the first congregational schools were established in some towns. In 1900 the first French schools were opened and 30 years later, the first Spanish schools. Until 1968, the three main congregational schools (Spanish system) that still exist in the country were also opened: Sagrada Família, Sant Ermengol and Mare Janer.

In 1972, the need to preserve the identity and peculiarities of the country in its education was detected. So, an Andorran Training Program is launched in foreign education systems. By teaching the Catalan language and the history, geography and institutions of Andorra. Ten years later the government finally created its own educational system, the Escola Andorrana. 

Since then, the offer has been complemented with:

  • professional training,
  • special education,
  • training for adults and 
  • higher education.

The school offer currently

We can say that the school offer is wide and you can choose among several options.

You can take the entire school stage considered mandatory in any of the three systems:

To complete the school offer privately, thewas recently installed British College of Andorra.

Additional information:

  • Schooling is compulsory from 6 to 16 years.
  • However there is the preschool grade, from 3 to 6 years old (exceptionally in Andorra they accept children with 2.5 years)
  • With the exception of private centers, all educational systems are free.
  • There is school transportation provided by the government of Andorra
  • Being a snow country, skiing is a compulsory activity for all students in all educational systems https: //www.educacio .ad / ski-school

Choosing the best educational option for your children can be a difficult decision. And more if a change of country is added. We can say that the options in Andorra are varied and allow for opening many opportunities, since they can opt for university studies both in Andorra, as well in France and Spain.

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