We are Plus Serveis i Família. Our name is our brand. It is our goal every day.

We want to be the Plus you need. We give you a personalized service. We are a Family that welcomes you and helps you in everything you need.

We focus on the client

In Plus Serveis i Família we focus on the needs of our client. We are proud to always think of the best for him. We offer solutions that are not only theoretical, they are viable. We are responsible for guiding the client towards success.

Professional excellence

We offer services with the highest possible quality. In Plus Serveis i Família we rely on our accumulated knowledge and experience. As a true leader in the industry, we always strive to explore and offer new services.

The power of diversity

The culture of our company is nourished by the individual capabilities of each team. This helps us to grow. In this way, our growth is also the growth of the client.


In Plus Serveis i Família we gather all the individual capacities in our corporate power. We work as a team with the client and share a common goal. We take full advantage of each one’s wisdom and experience. Our solutions will always be realistic. They will be an essential part of the client’s business.

A new Global Dimension

Plus Serveis i Família
We want to be the Plus you need to carry out your projects.

We know how to proceed in our business. At Plus Serveis i Família we seek to closely follow the best practices in the world. But we also respect the value systems that prevail at the local level.

Our experience and global network allow us to offer services that guarantee the right results for the client.

We accompany you throughout the process.

In PSF – Plus Serveis i Família we have the necessary experience, we help you to establish yourself in the Principality of Andorra. We accompany you throughout the process.

We have the right solution, whether it is:

  • a person with a public projection who wants to walk with peace of mind,
  • a small entrepreneur looking for greater profitability,
  • or a non-EU citizen with the intention of entering our continent.

Contact us, explain your situation. We will give you a customized solution.

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