Passive and active residence

Many people want to reside in Andorra

either for its tiny crime, high quality of life, low tax burden or privacy.

Settle in Andorra

Without a doubt, the country is a very comfortable place, surrounded by quality services, but the residence is not free.

To settle in Andorra must meet certain requirements strong, which vary depending on the situation.

They can be grouped into two large groups:

Here’s what each one consists in.

Passive or non-profit residence

This modality is intended for citizens of foreign nationality who wish to settle in Andorra without carrying out any professional activity.

Andorra, a country with freedom of passage

It should be noted that Andorra is not in the European Union, but there is freedom of movement.

No activity should be carried out or if it is carried out, it must be outside Andorra in more than 85%.

You must reside in the country for at least 90 days a year (there is a difference between administrative residence and tax residence, since the latter requires more than 183 days of permanence). Required:

  • Invest 350 thousand euros in assets located in Andorra (real estate, capital investments in Andorran companies, debt or financial instruments, deposits, …),
  • Deposit 50 thousand euros to the AFA (Financial Andorran Authority) without compensation,
  • Deposit additional 10 thousand euros for each person in charge,
  • Do not have criminal records,
  • Accredit the sufficient financial means, to keep the holder and the people in charge,
  • Have coverage through sickness, disability and old age insurance
  • Owning or renting a house or being in process to acquire it,
  • Sign a residence commitment and keep the aforementioned insurances in force.

In what we can help you:

  • We handle absolutely all the procedures
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  • We also help you choose the bank that best suits your situation.

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Active residence

If you would like to create a company in Andorra or to set up your activity, the residence will activate the solution. ,

It allows huge tax savings

It consists of creating a company and being an administrator.

A minimum of 183 days residence is requested in the principality.


  • Create a company with more than 10% of social parts,
  • Do not have criminal records,
  • Install your tax address in Andorra,
  • Register at the CASS (Andorran Social Security Box),
  • Keep a deposit of € 15,000 as a deposit in the financial regulatory entity AFA (Andorran Financial Authority).

In what we can help you:

  • We handle absolutely all the procedures, making the process more completely,
  • We put you in touch with the best real estate in the country to find your residence,
  • We work with the best insurance brokers that you may need,
  • We help you with everything referring to banks for both the company and you.

We are in the entire period of residence ready to solve doubts and help you with what you need.

We can also offer you:

Management of accounting, taxation, and administrative procedures, so you do not have to worry about anything.

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