We have all heard of the already well-known, officially pandemic, coronavirus. It has left more than 120 thousand affected throughout the world, including the more than two thousand cases detected in Spain. And in the meantime, what is happening in Andorra?

Coronavirus in Andorra

Outside of controversies about the media reports of the panic situation that is brewing, the virus in question does not have the same incidence that seasonal flu can have, so it will affect more those people at risk or with previous respiratory pathologies.

In this context, it is convenient to know that, despite the easy expansion of COVID-19 (due to the fact that it is a new virus for humans), the presence and spread of this virus through Andorran lands is practically nil and the Precaution and detection measures are being excellent and effective.

The only person, to date, affected by the coronoavirus has already been discharged after having given two negative tests. This is a young man who had recently traveled to Milan and was in a mild condition, so he was admitted to the Nostra Senyora Hospital in Meritxell as a precaution. The pertinent sanitary procedures have already been carried out to carry out analyzes to their relatives and close friends, in order to avoid, in this way, a possible spread of the virus.

In this way, there are no patients at risk, nor any people pending analysis, which is a complete success, taking into account the current state of expansion of COVID-19. Of course, as a solely preventive measure, 12 people close to the discharged patient are under house arrest to avoid possible infections or incubations of the disease. In addition to these, this measure has also been taken for two people who were sitting in an airplane, together with another person who was diagnosed with the disease in question.

As you can see, Andorra is out of all danger, it has only had a single patient, and does not entail any type of risk to the health of its neighbors or, of course, to all those interested in visiting it on these dates. The management of this crisis at a global level by the health services of the Andorran Govern are being excellent and effective, taking prevention, detection and quarantine measures to protect their citizens from possible contagions and, thus, avoiding a spread to big scale.

If you need more information about the incidence of coronavirus, or COVID-19, contact us and we will solve all your doubts about coexistence and residence in Andorra, where, as you can see, there is no risk for people.

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