I want a network campaign like what Manuel Bartual has done

A few days ago, Manuel Bartual told a story on Twitter that broke with the narrative canons. The story triumphed a lot, and in five days his followes turned from 16,000 to over 400,000. It is not surprising that someone, on seeing it, wants the same thing for his company.


The tweet told a mystery story in real time. He began by saying that he was on vacation and strange things were happening. The thread is developing, although I will not say more so as not spoil it in case someone wants to read it (in english). Innovation is not found in history but in narrative. At no time warns that he is telling a fiction. However, the spectator is not deceived either, because soon it is clear that what he says can not be real. However, when you get there you are already hooked.


Risks of left ourselves to be carried away


It is true that due to the narrative rupture, the story had an extraordinary following. And it is true that somebody will have gone the next day to some advertising agency asking the same for his tire shop. I'm not saying that this kind of stories can not be used in advertising, but they do not work for all cases.


When it comes to marketing it is very important not to stay only in the form, but also to look at the background. If we have made a plan it is better to follow it. If we do not have it, we must do it. What rarely works is improvising, being carried away by the phenomena of the moment.


Before making a campaign we should not do the first thing that crosses our head. It is necessary to analyze if it will help us to fulfill the marketing objectives. Will it reach our target? Will we attract attention? Will the persuasive message work with our target audience?


There are very good creative campaings, there have always been. The important thing is to appreciate them and see when they can be used by us and when not. For our business they may be suitable, but they may not be.


Imagine that we are developing an online marketing plan for companies and we decided to use the blog where we developed it to tell a story that we have seen. It is possible that our public does not like it and we miss visits. I do not want to be understood that they would never work, but that you have to put the objetives first and then see the creativities. Perhaps this campaign we have seen does not work, but another campaign of another type also innovative, yes.


When a communication plan is made, the first thing that is analyzed is who we are talking, what we offer and how we are adapted to the interests of our target audience. Once we have this, we start the content (creativity). If done backwards, we run the risk of developing a great idea that does not interest anyone.


So, in short, the foundation always goes before the roof, which does not mean that the roof should be ugly, but the right one.



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