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A little guide to go to France from Andorra

This is a very personal text in which I want to explain a little how it is to go to France from Andorra. I go a lot and I want to give a solution to very basic questions that people usually ask me.


First, you must have contact wheels or chains, but ALWAYS equipment. It may snow in April and you can easily fit in. It is extraordinarily common to find people without equipment riding a mess on the entrance road. With some "socks / chains of cloth" left over, but take something.


Secondly, on this web page you can see the state of the road, look at it because sometimes they cut it due to the risk of avalanches. With green there is no problem, with orange there should be no problems, but with red be careful because you need equipment and also you can cut the road halfway.


In third place, the Envalira tunnel costs € 6.7, you should think that sometimes you will have to pay for it, you save a good time, but yes, it is very expensive. I also tell you, sometimes the port of Pas gets so bad that you pay it willingly. Still, I usually go by port.


Fourth, check the weather and the state of the road always before leaving. In Andorra capital can make a sunny day and in Pas de la Casa may be unleashing hell, it happens quite a lot. Do not trust yourself, because sometimes it seems impossible the level of snow there is.


As a fifth point, beware of leaving too early. The snow plows in France sometimes start a little late and the road is fine until you get there. Sometimes it's better to arrive a little later and go a little quieter. I'm leaving at 7 for travel, but in this case, not, because it does not pay.


As a final point, leave with time. Sometimes in France you drive very slowly, too much traffic and the road is complicated. It is better to take half an hour more than to be the madman who goes with the Andorran registration ahead of everyone. Until arriving at Tarascon it is sometimes exasperating, leave with it in mind, do not hurry the trip.



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